New Rails Apps: Flicky and Text-2-Spotify

I’ve spent the last couple weeks learning how to build web apps in Rails. I’m happy to say I finally pushed and published 2 of my favorites to Heroku today!

The first application is called ‘Text-2-Spotify’, and it allows users to text songs to add to their Spotify playlist. I envisioned it being an easy way to give a party the ability to make a collaborative playlist without relying on the Spotify app. You can find the source here and the application is hosted here.

The second application is called ‘Flicky’, and it helps indecisive groups of movie watchers find group consensus on what to watch by individually voting on their favorite films. You can find the hosted app here (Takes about 5 seconds to load from sleep) and the source here.

Rails has been absolutely fantastic to develop on. The community is huge, integrating with API’s is incredible simple, and particularly so when theres an API wrapper written for Ruby. I’d highly recommend anyone interested in learning Rails to consult the fantastic Rails 5 Tutorial by Michael Hartl.

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